Music finds its way into our lives almost without our being aware of it. It is one of the most basic of human expressions. Even those of us that think ourselves musically uninspired will hum or tap along with the band. We sing in the shower, hoping no one can hear, but even the meekest of us may find our voice at karaoke night. Many of us own a guitar that hasn’t been played in years, or a flute that’s tucked away in a closet, or a family piano that’s out of tune. We just need the right encouragement to pick up our instruments again.

In fact, we are all instruments, some just in need of a little tuning, or some help in finding the right notes, or the right duet partner.

The purpose of Music Life and the Eastern Shore School of Music is to provide an environment where students, of all ages, and any skill level, can discover the delight of music and experience the joy of sharing it with others.

In the words of the great sage Plato,
“Music gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything. “




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