Brampton Dining Under the Stars

Bramtpon Inn 25227 Chestertown Rd, Chestertown, MD, United States

Reserve Your Seat at the Table for Dining Under the Stars Dinner Series at Brampton Inn! Guest Chef Kurt Peter from Chesapeake Chef Service will craft an indulgent multi-course feast that spotlights the “cream” of the Chesapeake’s crop, including farmers, ranchers, artisanal producers, micro-brewers, distillers and winemakers. Born and raised on the Eastern Shore, Chef […]


Brampton Gourmet Club Dinner Series

Brampton Inn 25227 Chestertown Rd, Chestertown, MD, United States

The Brampton Gourmet Club is one HOT ticket! Starring Easton-based Guest Chef Jordan Lloyd, from Hambleton House, with historic Brampton Inn, in Chestertown, Maryland, providing a visually spectacular backdrop - prepare to embark on a cinematic and gastronomic journey like never before! Here’s where Lloyd, an award-winning chef and TV personality takes cinephiles, foodies and […]


National Music Festival

The National Music Festival transforms Kent County into a hub of music. The nationally recognized event will feature music to suit virtually every taste — from symphonies and chamber music to hints of jazz. More than 30 concerts and over 200 open rehearsals are scheduled throughout the festival in venues across the Eastern Shore.

“Heroes of the Chesapeake” Juneteenth Celebration

The Black Union of Kent County and the Town of Chestertown host the annual Kent County Juneteenth Celebration offering a series of events to celebrate history, culture, and achievements. Fountain Park on Park Row on Friday June 14th (5-7pm) and Saturday, June 15th 12pm-5pm.

Crazy Days

Hosted by the Downtown Chestertown Association, Crazy Days is Chestertown’s annual sidewalk sale with businesses offering crazy deals and restaurants offering crazy specials.